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Reduce it

1. Reduce 'junk' mail

We all receive lots of junk mail these days and it is very easy reduce this waste with minimum effort and at no cost by following these simple rules.

  • Have your name removed from mailing lists by registering with the Mailing Preference Society, Freepost 22, London W1E 7EZ. Tel 0207 766 4410. Fax 0207 976 1886.
  • Return mail unopened (write please remove from mailing list on the envelope and post back. (you do not need to use a stamp) or use the freepost envelopes inside the mailings with the request to remove from mail list. Enclose original documents to enable the organisation to trace you details.
  • Don't forget to also return items as gone away or deceased when you receive mail for previous occupants or if the recipient has died or you will continue to receive mail.
  • When you apply or buy any sevice such as a bank account if you do not want to recieve mailings from the organisation make sure you tick the mailing opt out box normally located on the bottom of the form.
2. Don't use disposable nappies

Disposable nappies are very environmentally unfriendly. They use paper and plastic that cannot be recycled and does not rot down easily, they use harmful chemicals and they are expensive to dispose of. In Essex it costs the council tax payer 10% of the purchase price to dump and accounts for 4% of the amount sent to landfill. Use natural cotton nappies. It is not much more inconvenientand is certainly much cheaper. To make things even more convenient use one of the nappy laundering services. For more information on this subject check out the following sites:

For information on nappy laundering services in Essex check out the following companies:

  • Cotton Botties 0800 9154195 Covers the Saffron Walden, Great Dunmow & Colchester areas
  • Cotton Fresh 0800 3285249 Covers the Harlow, Great Dunmow and Saffron Walden
  • Natural Nappies 01376 363787 Covers whole of Essex
  • Number 1's for Nappies 01992 713665 Willing to consider most areas of Essex

There is a major campaign on reducing use of disposable nappies. Check out the Essex County Council site under waste management for details of incentives for parents. At the present time you can claim a free starter pack and 10.

3. Don't Post -Use E-mail

Instead of using paper by sending letters use e-mail instead. It is free, quicker, easier to store on your computer and uses no resources over and above your use of the computer.







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