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National Recycling Directory

National Recycling Directory

If your company or organisation collects any items for recycling and want to be added to this directory please Contact Us.


Computer Equipment

Used computer equipment can be donated to The Leonard Cheshire Workability Project which revamps the equipment for use by the disabled. They aim to help 1000 disabled people each year.

Contact Details

To donate old computer equipment contact Leonard Cheshire refurbishing partner Real Data Services, Romford Tel: 01708 704433.

For more information on the project contact The Leonard Cheshire Workability Inquiry Line on
0207 802 8283.

Foreign Coins (& notes)

Foreign coins are normally of little value to a holiday maker as they cannot be exchanged for Sterling at UK banks. In some cases the value of notes also makes it uneconomic to exchange. A number of charities collect these items and convert them in bulk.

Contact Details

The following Charities/ organisations will accept foreign currency for charity:

  1. Oxfam - can be handed in at any Oxfam shop

  2. Cancer Research Campaign- can be handed in at any Cancer Research Campaign shop, or any branch of Boots the Chemist or LloydsTSB.

  3. Post Offices-Some post offices collect currency for unicef.

Mobile Phones & Charges

It is actually illegal to dump mobile phones. However a number of Charities can make use of them for recycling so why not hand them in at the following shops .

Contact Details

  1. Oxfam - can be handed in at any shop

  2. British Red Cross- can be handed in at any shop

Postcards (used)

Some Charities can make use of used postcards.

Contact Details

The following charity can make use of these:

  • Oxfam - can be handed in at any Oxfam shop.


A number of charities operate schemes to re-use old spectacles for use in developing countries.

Contact Details

The following are some of the schemes available:

  1. Vision Aid Overseas - Old spectacles can be sent in a padded envelope to: Vision Aid Overseas, 12 The Bell Centre, Newton Road, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9FZ or give them to opticians who collect for them.

  2. World Insight Appeal - Operated by Help the Aged & Dollond & Aitchison. Hand your old spectacles into any Dollond & Aitchison branch or send them to World Insight Appeal, FREEPOST, Lon 131109, London, EC1B 1JY.

  3. Oxfam - recycle old spectacles, sunglasses and cases. You can hand them in at any Oxfam Charity shop.

  4. Lions clubs throughout the UK.


Stairlifts are very expensive items of equipment but a neccessity for many people who have mobility problems.

However these items can now be recycled.

Contact Details

  1. Nationwide coverage
    Best Prices for unwanted stairlifts
    0800 085 8952

  2. Stannah Stairlifts, Freepost SA344, Andover, Hants,SP10 3BR
    0800 715 177 Ext 1343
    Recycles old Stannah chairlifts

  3. Simply Stairlifts,
    Used stairlifts purchased
    0800 316 0211

Stamps (Used)

A number of charities collect used postage stamps for resale. These include:

Contact Details

Oxfam- can be handed in at any Oxfam shop

Textiles & Clothing

Textiles are collected by numerous organisations.

They are recycled in the following ways:

  1. Resold for cash

  2. Used by those unable to provide for themselves both in this country and abroad

  3. Used for industrial rags.

  4. Used for industrial purposes such as furniture stuffing.

Contact Details

  1. All the Charity shops (see list of charity shops)

  2. Salvation Army Trading Company ltd
    66-78 Denington Road, Denington Ind. Estate, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 2QH
    Tel 01933 441086
    Fax 01933 445449

  3. SCOPE Tel: 020 8 680 1730

  4. Textile Recycling Association
    P.O. Box 124, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE18 7DP
    Contact: Peggie Watterson

  5. TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development)
    Tel 020 8 896 2700

Toner and inkjet cartridges

Empty laser toner cartridges and inkjets from computer printers and fax machines are collected free of charge and nationwide for the benefit of charities, schools and firms by H. Jackson of R & R Supplies Ltd.

Contact Details

  1. H. Jackson, R & R Supplies Ltd., Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

  2. BIBIC - British Institute for Brain Injured Children (charity to help children with learning difficulties) They receive up to 5 for each inkjet cartridge. To donate cartridges tel: 01278 684060






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