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Recycle it


If you cannot re-use any items of waste then the next stage is to recycle the component parts.

The following items can all be very easily recycled:

  1. Metal

  2. Glass

  3. Paper

  4. Textiles

  5. Oil


How To Recycle

In Colchester we have several ways to recycle our waste with minimum effort.

1. Use Fortnightly collection service

The easiest and most efficient way to recyle food and drink cans, glass jars and bottles, paper and textiles is to put this waste out seperately for your fortnightly collection.

2. Use recycling centres such as Bottle banks etc.

If you do not have a seperate collection or you wish to get rid of your waste more frequently then the borough has several recycling centres throughout the town, at local villages and at superstores.

However don't make a special journey as this negates many environmental benefits.

The recycling centres consist of bottle, can, plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, books, textiles and clothing, garden waste and engine oil banks.

To check on Your local recycling site


3. Use Scrap metal merchants

If you have other forms of metal you can normally recycle these at scrap metal merchants.

Don't forget to recycle metal waste from DIY projects such as copper pipes old sinks etc at scrap metal merchants.

The scrap metal market is notorioesly volatile. Sometimes you may get paid for your scrap metal.

For a list of scrap metal merchants in Colchester.









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