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Item How to save Energy Cost and estimated annual saving

Loft Insulation

If you install loft insulation to a depth of 8 inches (200mm) you can save up to 20% of your heating costs.


Water Tank & Pipe insulation

Fit an insulating jacket to your hot water tank and lag your water pipes.

Fitting Water Jacket to hot water tank:

Cost 10 (DIY)

30 (installer)
Costs recovered 1 to 2 years

Draught Proofing

Up to 20% of heat can be lost through draughts around windows , doors and floors.

It is a simple job to add draught strips.


Wall insulation

Most heat is lost through the walls- up to 35%. Although the most expensive it is also the most effective way of reducing your fuel bills.


Floor Insulation

Filling the gaps between skirting boards and floorboards can save up to 20 per year and pay for itself within 1 year.

Use any tube sealant such as the type used to seal around baths.


Double Glazing

Up to 23% of heat lost in the home is through the windows. Double glazing can reduce this by half and a further 10% can be saved if you use energy efficient glass (low emissivity or K glass).

You will also benefit from lower noise and condensation problems.

Fit good quality double glazing and use thick lined curtains to insulate your home.


Cavity Wall Insulation

This is the most energy efficient way of insulating your house but also one of the most expensive.







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