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Energy Conservation in the Home


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Saving energy is something we can all do and which has a significant impact on the world we live in. The benefits of saving energy are that we save precious natural resources, the landscape these resources are extracted from and we reduce the pollution caused by converting these resources into energy.

A very useful by-product is that we can personally save money as well as society.

Here is a simple list of actions we can all take in our home to save energy.


Item How to save Energy Cost and estimated annual saving


Central Heating Turn your thermostat down by just 1 degree centigrade. This will cut 10% off your heating bill. You should normally set your central heating thermostat between 18 & 20 C.
If you are not at home turn the thermostat down to a low setting such as 10 degrees centigrade just to protect your property from the effects of freezing.
Cost nothing.

Annual saving 15 to 30.

Hot Water Most people have there hot water setting at too high a level. Set your hot water to 60 degrees centigrade. Annual saving 15 per year. And dont forget to use a plug in your basin or sink to prevent a wasteful use of water. Particularly when washing up. Annual saving 15 per year. Cost nothing.

Annual saving 15 per year

Thermostatic Controls

Fit thermostatic controls to your radiators and a timer to your boiler to ensure heat is provided when and where it is needed.



Electric appliances Switch off electric appliances (this includes TVs, videos, stereos, computers, cordless phones, electric toothbrushes.) when not in use - switching off by the remote control and leaving appliances on standby or on charge when not neccessary wastes energy. However, make sure your appliance does not need to be left on to operate or maintain memory functions.
Don't forget also, to switch off lights when not in use. (It has been estimated that if everyone did this it would save enough energy to power a town like Colchester.)
Cost nothing

Electric appliances

Whenever you buy a new appliance, first of all make sure you need it and make sure it is suitable for your needs. If you do need to buy an appliance make sure it is an energy efficient one. An 'A' rated appliance tends to use only half the energy of a 'G' rated model.


Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Use energy efficient light bulbs whenever you can. Although they are more expensive they use a quarter of the energy and last up to 10 times longer. (If every household in Britain fitted just 1 it has been estimated that we would need one less power station.)


Fridges & Freezers

  • Check door seals. They should be able to grip a piece of paper tightly If the don't they need replacing.

  • Keep the fridge at 2-3 C and the freezer at -15 C . Use a fridge thermometer to check the temperature

  • Keep the fridge away from any other heat source, ideally near any outside, cooler wall

  • Make sure the air flow at the back of the fridge is not blocked or limited.

  • Defrost the frdge regularly.


In The Kitchen


  • Only heat the amount of water you need. Use boiled water immediately rather than leaving it for a while and then re-boiling.

  • Put well fitting lids on pans.

  • Don't have gas flames so high they lick the sides of pans.

  • When using an electric cooker use absolutely level bottomed pans or pots which are the correct size to cover the rings.




  • Try to ensure the washing machine is full when you use it. If it isn't use the half-load setting.

  • Use low temperature washes whenever possible.

  • Try to dry clothes naturally, rather than by a tumble dryer.



Curtains Use your curtains wisely. Open your curtains to let more light in instead of switching on lights. Close your curtains at dusk however to prevent heat escaping through your windows. Annual saving 15 per year. Cost nothing

Annual saving 15 per year.







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