Colchester Volunteer Register

Following a discussion with the Colchester Community Volunteers Services it is likely that a volunteer register will be launched on their site within 2 months. It is likely that in an effort to reduce duplication this volunteer register will be linked directly to that site. This is very good news as it will mean that more services and thus there effectiveness will be consolidated. It is one of the main aims of this site to consolidate the many services that are currently in existence.

There is a tremendous amount of human talent throughout the world that is not being used. The young have a wide range of skills and enthusiasm as do many of the retired which have built up a lifetime of knowledge and skills. Not to mention the unused skills of the unemployed and disabled who also have much to offer.

It is not because these talents are not needed or that there are no jobs to do, it is just that those who have the skills are not being effectively brought together with the jobs that need doing.

Most towns have a volunteer register but voluntary work tends to be very fragmented and unco-ordinated. Hopefully this register will help in some way to bring together the two sides in a more effective manner.

In Colchester alone there are over 600 voluntary organisations working in the town. Although it would be preferable to merge many of these organisations that perform a similar function, to focus and become more effective, for the time being we need to co-ordinate our efforts to reduce duplication of precious effort. If you run a voluntary organisation let me know and I will add it to the organisation directory.

Voluntary activity for many of these organisations are co-ordinated nationally through CCVS (e-mail ) and in the Colchester area through :

You should certainly register your requirements here as well as on this web site.

If you are interested in conservation work then you should contact BTCV, UnitA5, Jarmin Road, Colchester, CO1 1XW.

The BBC also promote a scheme called Timebank

Volunteer registers are also on the following sites:

National Volunteers Register


To place your requirements on this register please e-mail me with the following details. What kind of work does your organisation do, what sort of jobs will the volunteers have to do, what experience is needed, what training is available, and will expenses be paid.

Volunteers Wanted


Job Skill

(please indicate experience, training & time required)

More information/ Contact



Conservation workers

BTCV, UnitA5, Jarmin Road, Colchester, CO1 1XW.

Charity Shops

  1. Shop Workers
  2. Sorters
  3. Administration
  4. Drivers & Collectors

All the charity shops in the Colchester area (see list) are always in need of volunteers with these skills.

Contact individual shops

Colchester Festival


  1. Committee Members
  2. Exhibition Organisers

The festival committee is looking for volunteers to help run The Festival in 2002. If you enjoy making things happen and think Colchester will benefit from a huge free Community Arts Festival then contact us now. Whatever your skills interests or level of commitment anyone interested in joining the committee or finding out more contact us..

Contact Abigail on 01206 531185 or e-mail



Furniture movers

Volunteers wanted to drive a van or help move furniture

Telephone Carolyn Wood on
01206 768887


1.Information officers
2. School talks
3. Administration

The En-form Environmental Centre urgently requires volunteers to give information to visitors, provide talks or help with a wide range of administration skills.

Telephone Roly on
01206 367776
or call into the centre at
15 Church Walk off Head Street,Colchester

Headway Essex


Under 70 with current clean driving licence to drive minibus on weekdays

Headway House, 2 Boxted Road, Colchester. CO4 5HG. Tel 01206 845945

NE Mental Health Partnership


Drivers for local trips. Expenses paid.

Voluntary Help Department, NE Mental Health Partnership, NHS Trust
Telephone Janice Heppleston, Acting Voluntary Service Co-ordinator on
01026 287528

The Poppy appeal

Drivers, Collectors


Tel: 0845 845 1945


Drivers & helpers

To deliver meals on Wheels over the lunchtime period in the area

Sandra on 01206 282283


Volunteers Available



Job Skill






Volunteer Organisations

The National Centre for Volunteering
Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF)




Whats New & Whats Planned

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