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Green Woodland Burial Services, 256 High Street, Harwich, CO12 3PA. Tel: 0800 374759. Fax: 01255 504466.

This company allows you to be buried in an environmentally friendly way in a woodland managed as a nature reserve instead of a traditional cemetery.
The wood is Oakfield Wood which is at Wrabness and managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust.

Limescale Inhibitors

60% of UK homes suffer with hard water. This scales up water systems and appliances, is harsh on your skin haur & laundry. Limescale inhibitors aim to reduce limescale problems. These are some of the benefits claimed for the Kinetico water softener:

  • Removes old limescale, prevents new scale

  • Extends life of appliances that use water

  • Adds efficiency to heating & water systems

  • Saves average family 200 per year

  • Kind to skin, hair & beneficial to eczema & dry skin sufferers

  • Makes laundry softer

  • Easy to install & maintain with no electrics

For more details contact Kinetico on 0800 015 1380 (mon-fri 9am to 5pm)






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