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This website is only as good as the information on it and it is no good at all if nobody knows about it. If you are interested in the issues raised on this website help us to promote it and spread the word. Why not try the following:

1. Tell all your friends and family let them know by e-mail with a link to the site. You may even want to set up a link to the site as an e-mail signature. However dont spam (send e-mails to people you dont know)

2. If you have a website add us as a link particularly if you have an environmental, charity, school or Colchester site. I would suggest you use the following text:

Colchester Community and Environment Centre

This site acts as a focal point for community and environmental matters in Colchester and surrounding areas. It has sections on energy saving, transport, the garden and waste recycling. It includes a National Recycling Directory and recycled products guide, a car sharing register and a garden & buildings register.

The community section includes a directory of Colchester organisations and a volunteer register.

3. Print off a poster and put it up in your school, library, work place or community noticeboard. Dont forget to obtain permission first. As we wish to reduce paper usage please dont use as a hand out.

To print off the poster click here and use the print screen button on your keyboard.

Dont forget to let me know how you get on.




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