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This website is concerned with personal actions that everybody can do to change the world and make it a better place. However, although not too onerous it is not the best way of tackling these problems. Although too many rules and regulations has some disadvantages they can simplify peoples and companies lives by implementing best practice on our behalf.

This page is concerned with simple regulations that the government should introduce so that the ordinary person does not need to make the effort.

Energy Efficient Appliances

All electrical appliances are rated from A to G with A rated appliances using in general only half the energy of the G rated appliances. As in the UK we are not a poor country and almost all households have most electrical appliances the Government should only allow the sale of appliances that meet ratings 'A' to 'C'. This would ensure that the quality of appliances in the country are replaced only by improved versions.

Disposable Nappies

These are very environmentally unfriendly items and better alternatives are available. They also cost a lot to dispose of. Obviously the best alternative would be to ban there use. However, less drastic options that should be introduced would be a packaging tax applied on the manufacturers and an environmental warning together with details of alternatives printed on the package.

Double Glazing

Regulate double glazing standards to ensure that high quality double glazing is the only option. Ensure building regulations include the requirement to fit double glazing. Most new homes are still built with poor quality wooden windows that are frequently replaced by the home owner within a few years. Not only does this cause a waste of materials and time and effort but is obviously more expensive in the long run than fitting double glazing when the house is built.

Packaging Tax

Companies will never control the type and amount of packaging they use without a major incentive. By introducing a packaging tax levied directly on packaging firms the higher costs that result would concentrate the minds of the packaging companies and companies in general. They would have a real incentive to reduce costs and therefore packaging. This levy should be used to fund recycling schemes and initiatives.

Peat Extraction

We do not now need to use peat. There are many alternatives that are environmentally friendly and just as cheap. There is therefore no justification for allowing peat products and peat extraction should be banned.





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