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New Nature Walk Opened

A new nature walk at Friday woods which is owned by the Ministry of Defence has been opened. The four mile footpath has been created by the Ministry of Defence.

The walk was opened on the 19th October by the Mayor of Colchester Mike Hogg and Lieutenant Colonel Mike Chambers, commander of Army Training Estates.

The project is a joint initiative between the MoD, English Nature and Colchester council to allow safe access to its land.



Highwoods Country Park Website

The number of visitors to the Highwoods Country Park Website has soared in the past 18 months. During that time almost 4000 people logged onto the site.

The site has a variety of information including how the ranger service works, forthcoming events and park information.

In the previous two years only 1300 had visited the site.



Call to cut tax

This is energy efficient week. Friends of the Earth have highlighted the anomaly that while energy is charges at 5% VAT energy saving items attract VAT at the full 17.5% rate.

Nearly 30% of all carbon dioxide ( the biggest contributor to global climate change) comes from power stations generating electricity for the home. Around a third of this could be saved through energy efficiency cutting the average household fuel bill by 200 a year.


The soil association has launched an 'eat organic, buy local' campaign to encourage people to support there local organic farmers.

Sales of organic food grew by 55% last year and the organic market is worth more than 600 million per year. However UK suppliers cannot keep up with this demand and 75% of organic food purchased in the UK is imported.


Wildlife walk opened
A 60-mile walk from Southwold to lpswich, covering some of Suffolk's most spectacular scenery, was officially opened on Thursday. The Sandlings Walk was created as part of 500,000 project to protect and manage the Sandlings heaths, paid for by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The walks pass through heathland, farmland and forests, and are marked by posts bearing the outline of a nightjar, an exotic heathland bird. Details of the walks are available from the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Project on 01394 384948 or