Improving the world also involves improving the health of everyone. To live life to the full it is essential to be in the best health possible. Unfortunately in the UK and many other areas we seem to have passed responsibility for our personal health onto others. We are quick to blame governments, health services, drug companies, farmers and just about everyone else. While in many cases this may be justified the ultimate responsibility for YOUR health is yourself. First of all take responsibilty for your own health by living healthily. Then, do what you can to help the health of others and then you can concentrate on improving the institutions.


Help Yourself

Don't Smoke

There really isn't any positive aspects to smoking. The only slight benefit is that it creates employment. However, if you have read this web site you will see it is not neccessary to create employment. There are plenty of jobs that need doing that are not currently being done.

Smoking is one of the biggest killers and responsible for aggravating and causing numerous health problems many of which are killers. The land used to grow tobacco and factories used to manufacture them could be better spent eleswhere.

So it cannot be stated enough there are no benefits to smoking. Don't start and if you are already a smoker do all you can to stop.

Drink Moderately

Alcohol is another area responsible for health problems and anti social behaviour. The case for abstaining is not quite as conclusive as smoking but you should certainly only drink in moderation and within health guidelines. Certainly do not drink and drive or operate machinery. It is also preferable not to drink in situations where anti social behaviour is a possibility.

Don't take Drugs

Despite the increasing viewpoint about certain drugs not being as harmful as stated and the campaign to legalise it is not a good idea to use drugs. If you need convincing just take a look at the effects of drugs on those who take them. Surely you are worth more than that.

If you have never taken drugs don't start. You are not missing anything and if you take drugs stop.

It is much easier to become high on life instead.

Take Exercise

We are not active enough in the UK and have worrying increases in obesity. The human body is designed to be used. If you do not use it a number of health problems will occur and the quality of life will be reduced.

You do not need to spend a great amount of time exercising and it does not have to be a boring schedule. You can easily take sufficient exercise and enjoy yourself by just fitting it into your normal. Just try the following.

  • Walk up to 1 mile a day. (just cut out a short journey you normally make by car at the moment)

  • Take up a sport you enjoy. Exercise doesn't have to be boring. Check out the clubs at the National Sports Library for a sport you enjoy.

  • Do your own housework.

  • Do your own garden.

  • Take walks & cycle trips in the country and open spaces.

Eat Healthily

Make sure you diet includes plenty of fruit & vegetables. Reduce your in take of meat.


Simplify Your Life

Many illnesses and burnt out feelings are simply a result of the stress caused by modern life. There is a great deal to be gained by simplifying & de cluttering your life. For hundreds of ideas on how to achieve this try the site at Organizing Solutions.


Help Others

1. Save someones life by giving blood. Donors should be aged between 17 & 60 (70 for regular donors) in good health and weigh over 7st 12llbs (50kg) visit or telephone
0845 7711 711.


2. Alternatively how about donating your organs after your death. To find out more and join the organ donor register check out the following site or telephone
0845 6060400.






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