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One of the major environmental problems affecting Colchester and the world at large is the gridlock of our transport systems. The major problem is caused by the number of cars on the road. Many of them with only one occupant. It would be very beneficial to the environment if we could reduce the number of car journey's we make.

Car sharing would have a big impact and can be achieved with a bit of thought and heres some ideas for car sharing to get you started:

And if you wish to share a journey but cannot share it with your existing acquaintences why not register you needs here. However make sure you make suitable enquiries and satisfy yourself that you will be safe if you intend to share your journey with a stranger.

You shouldn't charge for sharing your car journey's but it is reasonable to share costs.

Register your car sharing by sending me an e-mail.

More information & other schemes:

National Car Share Tel: 01344 861600

Liftshare Tel: 0870 0780225

Chelmsford Travel share Scheme - pilot scheme started in September 2000. (not open to new membership at moment)

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