Animal Welfare

Animal welfare issues are very contentious with views ranging from it is OK to treat animals in any way we like regardless of the suffering to giving animals even more rights than humans. Whatever our personal views it is surely right to reduce animal suffering when possible. This list therefore contains areas where we can choose to reduce animal suffering.



1. Do not buy any pet unless you are able to look after it and its needs sufficiently

2. Do not support cruel sports such as hunting with hounds.


1. Become a vegetarian or eat more meat-less meals to reduce the number of animals slaugtered to feed us.

2. Buy animal food products that have been raised with a certain level of animal care. That is to say do not buy veal or battery farm eggs.

3. Do not buy frog legs.


Animal Experiments

1. Do not buy cosmetics tested on animals as there are alternatives which are the same which have not been tested on animals.



1. When on holiday abroad do not go to Bullfights or allow your picture to be taken with chimps.


More Information

To check out other ideas and for more information visit the following websites.

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3. Cruelty Free shopping online

4. Compassion in World Farming





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